1. Future (Abbfinoosty)
  2. A Kindness (Credo)
  3. Swords & Knives (Epilogue)
  4. The Fool (Grace)
  5. 12:02 (Grey lady Down)
  6. The Ember (Haze)
  7. Into The Blue (Steve Hillman-brand new version)
  8. Creation (Geoff Mann)
  9. Circus (Mr. So and So)
  10. Slaves (Primitive Instinct)
  11. Set Me Free (Walking On Ice)
  12. Lean On Me (Grace)





Grey Lady Down
Steve Hillman
Geoff Mann
Mr. So and So
Primitive Instinct
Walking On Ice







Sampler 1
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 4 (2CD)
Sampler 5 (2CD)







76 minutes of quality rock/progressive music on this budget priced sampler CD. Featuring 12 tracks from 11 of the artists on the Cyclops label, this is also for the fans with the CDs. The band Grace recorded a beautiful orchestral version of Lean on Me, Primitive Instinct have an extended version of Slaves, Steve Hillman has produced a completely new version of Into the Blue, while Mr So & So have remastered their classic Circus. Other tracks from Abbifinoosty, Credo, Epilogue, Grey Lady Down, Geoff Mann, Haze, Grace and Walking on Ice are from their respective albums on the Cyclops label.