1. Part 1 - Dystopian Dream
  2. 1 - xx84
    2 - Suite n°2 (Bach)
    3 - Lenina
    4 - Time Machine
    5 - Forbidden Dreams

  3. Part 2 - Prophet in a Statistical World
  4. 6 - Welcome
    7 - Statistical World
    8 - I Wanna Be Free
    9 - Libera Me
    10 - The Prophet
    11 - Revolution
    12 - Freedom






Pascal Bouquillard - Vocals, Bass, additional guitars and keyboards
Vynce Leff - Guitars, keyboards, vocals, additional MIDI winds
Benoit Campedel - Guitars, additional keyboards
Stephane Geille - Drums






Escaping The Hands Of God
Prophet In A Statistical World
Sampler 5






A fantastic new studio album from this gem of a group. Their last album “Escaping From The Hands Of God” was without doubt one of the best progressive albums of recent years.

This new work is a natural progression – stunning lead guitar work, massed keyboards, choirs, beautiful themes and at times intricate progressive incorporating different rhythms, tonalities, instrumentation, harmonies, counterpoints and other musical inventions that are imaginative and emotional. Comprising of two lengthy suites “Dystopian Dreams” and “Prophet in a Statistical World” which ebb and flow, providing something new on each new play – which is how progressive music should be.

A limited edition 2 CD version is available with the additional CD “Dodecamania” comprising of a lengthy intricate 17 minute piece “Les Souffrances de Juene Pierre” along with a brilliantly revised 23 minute version of their long unavailable epic “The Beast of Gevaudin”, now with English lyrics, and between these another long piece “Game of Patience” revised from their first album and again with English lyrics.