1. Babel Lights
  2. Ayanda (instrumental)
  3. The Crawler
  4. Alone
  5. Requiem
  6. Epilogue (instrumental)





Pascal Bouquillard - Vocals, Bass, additional guitars and keyboards
Vynce Leff - Guitars, keyboards, vocals, additional MIDI winds
Benoit Campedel - Guitars, additional keyboards
Damien Gadenne - Drums






Escaping The Hands Of God
Prophet In A Statistical World
Sampler 5






Cyclops presents this MASTERPIECE of an album. French group SAENS are an unbelievable find exquisite, moving and at times intricate progressive which will have you playing the album time after time and still finding some great new moment. Excellent vocals, in English, with an unbelievable range complimented at times with female voice in counterpoint.

Stunning guitar work from two guitarists at times like R. Stolte/J. Akkerman/F. Dunnery complementing some great keyboard runs, sounds and textures. Bass lines with runs which remind me of Chris Squire at his best. Massed mellotron voices intermingled with full choir ensemble.

The track Requiem is stunning, featuring choir, church organ, great lead guitar and Gregorian chants in Latin.For those who seek invention in progressive music rather than the same old recycled ideas this is for you. The music is intricate yet accessible, full of the passion of the musicians for their music.

Already one of Cyclops' best releases, we cannot see this album being beaten for brilliance this year.