1. No One Else to Blame
    2. You've Changed
    3. Shelter
    4. Another Man
    5. The Love We Share
    6. The Blame
    7. The Otherside
    8. Freedom
    9. Last Ride into the Sun















Pilgrimage to a Point
Sampler 2









The new solo CD from Robert Berry, a fiery collection of never-before-released rock pieces written for GTR, Emerson Lake and Palmer, 3 and others. Multi-talented Robert Berry opens his treasure chest and offers a fistful of self-penned tunes and writing collaborations with legends Keith Emerson, Steve Howe (of Yes) and Carl Palmer. Originally released on Robert Berry's own label in the USA and only sold by mail order, this stunning album is now being released worldwide by Cyclops Records. With the addition of a superb, newly-written nine minute song and completely new artwork and booklet design, this is an album that surely will see Robert break out to the mainstream audience which he and this great album deserve.

For all lovers of ELP, GTR, Yes, Steve Howe, Asia, UK and Saga.