1. Gods of Convenience
  2. Migraine
  3. Unbranded
  4. Shoulder To Shoulder
  5. Space Junk

  6. Bonus track : An Autopsy In Artificial Light
    ( a sequel to "Afterlifecycle")
    i) Simmer
    ii) Artificial Light
    iii) Sitting Duck on a Carpark Floor
    iv) Gears, Dandelions & Total Darkness
    v) Afterlife Wot? (part 3)
    vi) The Five O'Clock Rush





Andy Tillison Diskdrive - Vocals, Keyboards etc
Sam Baine - Keyboards
Alex King - Drums
Gareth Harwood - Guitar
Ken Senior - Bass

Shoulder to Shoulder features MARTIN ORFORD from IQ & Jadis on Flute







The Time Capsule
No More Travelling Chess
More Exotic Ways To Die
The Corner Of My Room
Sampler 4
Sampler 5









This new studio album is easily Po90's most mature work to date. Strong songs with excellent instrumental work incorporating superb keyboards and guitar lines.

Gods of Convenience opens the album in fine style and is one of Po90's best. Strong songwriting with heavy organ and hammond with driving guitar work.

Unbranded is a brilliantly crafted song with cutting lyrics about name branded goods. Anyone with children will understand this.

The 10 minute Shoulder to Shoulder has guest Martin Orford of IQ providing some fine flute contributions. Halfway through this track a hammond roll introduces a spine tingling guitar solo which makes the listener stop whatever they are doing to listen.

Po90 continue to break new ground in Progressive music and the track Space Junk incorporates both 70's and modern music beats.

The epic last track An Autopsy In Artificial Light was not originally going to be on the album but we persuaded Andy Tillison to add it as an extra. Autopsy contains themes from the epic Afterlifecycle and other tracks plus lots of new material and is a wonderful tour de force for Po90 fans.