1. Arrow
  2. Roncevaux
  3. Flight
  4. Modern
  5. In The Black Room
  6. Advance
  7. Evolutionary Status Quo





Andy Tillison - Keyboards, vocals, guitar, drums
Guy Manning - Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals







The Time Capsule
No More Travelling Chess
More Exotic Ways To Die
The Corner Of My Room
Sampler 4
Sampler 5









Parallel or 90 Degrees retrospective album of Van Der Graaf Generator/Peter Hammill tracks all played in a typical Po90 fashion. Originally released in 1992, on cassette only, the master tapes have been remastered to produce perfect sound quality. The release was authorised by Peter Hammill himself who helped to clarify the lyrics to Roncevaux which has never appeared on any VDGG album other than a rough rehearsal tape found on Time Vaults. The long epic Flight's interpretation gives extra dimension to this already outstanding track. The album finishes off with two Po90 penned tracks available on CD for the first time to bring the total playing time to a healthy 70 minutes. Obviously a must for both VDGG/Peter Hammill and Po90 fans.

All in all, this album is a must for any fans of serious English music. The group have an atmosphere about them that encapsulates the heyday of prog-rock but temper this with a full blitz of 90's power and imagination.