1. fast>>>fwd
2. encapsulated
3. promises of life
4. unforgiving skies
5. the sea (parallel or 90 degrees?)
6. blues for lear
7. the single
8. the time capsule (sequence) 9. aftertimecapsule





Andy Tillison - Organ, synthesisers lead vocals and nylon strung guitar
Sam Baine - Piano, synthesisers electric and acoustic guitars
Lee Duncan - Drums
Jonathan Barrett - Bass, backing vocals
Gareth Harwood - Electric guitars

Guest Musician:
Guy Manning: guitar, vocals






The Time Capsule
No More Travelling Chess
More Exotic Ways To Die
The Corner Of My Room
Sampler 4
Sampler 5









“The Time Capsule” is Parallel or 90 Degrees follow up to the very successful “Afterlifecycle” (CYCL060) and marks the band's most adventurous album to date. The whole album is based on the concept of time but this is a theme and not a restriction. The varied themes and changes of mood and tempo take in influences from VDGG and Pink Floyd through to the Ozrics and Porcupine Tree with references to Bowie and Wishbone Ash as well as the familiar Keith Emerson style Hammond thrashing. The epic twenty minute title track is a tour de force that showcases the exceptional talents that are combined in this band.

All in all, this album is a must for any fans of serious English music. The group have an atmosphere about them that encapsulates the heyday of prog-rock but temper this with a full blitz of 90's power and imagination.