1. Afterlifecycle
  2. Ithinkthereforenothing
  3. Run In Rings
  4. Coming Up Roses
  5. Afterlifecycle conclusion
  6. Flower King of Flies (By The Nice)
  7. The Third Person (Edit from first PO90 album)





Andy Tillison - Keyboards, vocals
Sam Baine - Keyboards
Lee Duncan - Drums
Jonathan Barrett - Bass
Graham Young - Guitar







The Time Capsule
No More Travelling Chess
More Exotic Ways To Die
The Corner Of My Room
Sampler 4
Sampler 5









Parallel or 90 Degrees are a progressive/art rock band from Leeds, Yorkshire, England. I n the mould of inspirational bands such as Van Der Graaf Generator, The Nice and Al Stewart. PO90 play music that transcends fashion and trend, uses a large variety of musical styles and makes the most of the considerable skill of its musicians. Whilst being happy to use the phrase "progressive" of themselves, the band are not mere recreators of the progressive bands of the seventies. The music is dynamic and changing, instrumental sections weave their way in and among songs developing recurring themes, with the Hammond organ and guitar given the prominent lead breaks.
The 20 minute epic title track is a tour de force with gentle moments counter balancing the more adventurous classic prog elements.