1. Scream
  2. Lokapalas
  3. Senkan
  4. Children of the Cloud
  5. Olympus
    a) Flame
    b) Zeus Thorn
  6. Impression
  7. Crusader
  8. Legend
    a) Mystique
    b) Spell
  9. Anduradhapura
  10. Flower of Scotland
  11. In Your Eyes
  12. A Prophet’s Dream
    a) Eager Attempt
    b) Genuine















Odyssice - Impressions
Odyssice - Moondrive Plus
Odyssice - Silence

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CYCLOPS make another stupendous find. After producing one EP “Moondrive” in 1996, this long time in coming new album shows that promise coming to fulfilment.

70 minutes of Symphonic progressive with some of the best guitar work for years. Guitarist Bastiaan Peeters obviously has been listening to Floyd (Gilmour), Camel (Latimer), Focus (Akkerman) and Steve Hackett, but his great melodic soloing is always to the point while sometimes soaring and taking the song in a different but logical diversion.

Scream opens the album in fine style with a Gilmour like introductio before a beautiful melody with Nick Barrett style guitar under some superb bass and drum work underpinned with great keyboards.

Senkan opens with an almost classical flourish of keyboards before the guitar takes up the theme. The style of this track, and many of the other songs on this CD, is reminiscent of stablemates Flamborough Head.

Impression starts with a small drum solo before a Gilmour type solo over keyboards a la Wish You Were Here.

A short introduction of keyboard choirs on Legend introduces The Spell, a magical bass/keyboard riff which is followed by more powerful drums and then a stunning 5 minute weaving guitar solo which reminds one of Gary Chandler (Jadis) and Andy Latimer.

A Prophet’s Dream rounds off the album in fine style. A bouncy Pendragon kind of song suddenly metamorphosed into a stunning six minute tour de force of a guitar solo which, if you like Camel’s “Ice” track, you will love. Anyone listening to this track will want to replay it again immediately after it finishes.

If you love guitar work then this album is for you. Guitarist Bastiaan Peeters has obviously been hiding his talent for too long - and, along with superb production and brilliant musicianship from Menno Boomsma (Drums, Flute), Jeroen Van der Wiel (Keyboards) and Pascal van de Pol (Bass), it makes for one of this years highlight albums.