1. 21
    2. Memento
    3. Chinese Waters
    4. Colours of Silence
    5. Flags Without a Heart
    6. Continental Motion
    7. Swank







Bastiaan Peeters - Guitars/guitarsynthesizer
Jeroen Van der Wiel - Keyboards
Menno Boomsma - Drums
Peter Kosterman- Bass









Odyssice - Impressions
Odyssice - Moondrive Plus
Odyssice - Silence

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Sampler 4
Sampler 5











At long last the new studio album from Odyssice is ready, and it is a stunner. Displaying all the great qualities that they incorporated into their Impressions album we have another album of symphonic progressive instrumental gems.

Lush keyboard sounds by Jeroen van der Wiel ranging from mellotrons to choirs laid over the drumming of Menno Boomsma and bass runs of new member Peter Kosterman allows guitarist Bastiaan Peeters to shine with his stunning melodic guitar themes. Obvious comparisons with Gilmour, Latimer, Barrett and Steve Hackett have been made, and his searing/soaring guitar solos do touch on these, but he has his own style and expressions.

Typical of the tracks on this album Flags Without A Heart starts with an acoustic guitar introduction with keyboard choirs leading into a magical bass/keyboard riff which is followed by more powerful drums and beautiful melodic guitar work. It is a must for all Odyssice fans and those into symphonic groups such as Pendragon, Camel, Pink Floyd and Focus.