1. Closet Skeletons
  2. Tick-a-Box
  3. Hobson the Traveller
  4. Primrose Days
  5. The Missionary
  6. Bolton-Eeny-Noo
  7. Sixes & Sevens
  8. The Visitor
















Sampler 1









Mr. So & So are a four-piece band originating from St. Helens in Merseyside. After putting out their cassette-only release Thoughts of Fear & Principle and getting back much enthusiasm and good reviews, they signed to Pagan records and put out the CD Paraphernalia to, again, positive reviews.

This new release sees Mr. So & So going further forward in the middle period Yes range with lots of time changes and complexities--but still with the superb guitar and keyboard work that makes them so listenable.