1. Child of Technology
  2. On the Wings of Mercury
  3. The Enemy Within
  4. Tidings of Battle
  5. A Call To Arms
  6. Long Distance Love Affair
  7. Eye of the Storm
  8. Fanfare
  9. Reach for the Sky
  10. One by One
  11. War machine










Volume One
Volume Two: Brainstorm
Volume III: Tragic Sympathy
Volume IV: Until Eternity
Live in Tokyo
Sampler 3






CYCLOPS start their Mastermind re-release schedule with the American heavyweights of Progressive Rock album Volume One. Remixed and remastered from the original master tapes by group leader Bill Berends, who has also added two extra tracks which were recorded for the original album but not used. The release also includes a new 8 page booklet.

From screaming guitar/synths and pounding drums to haunting melodies and delicate acoustic guitar, the sound owes as much to the power of Mahler as to ELP.