1.   Prelude
    2.   The Mutant
    3.   Misanthrope
    4.   The Immortal
    5.   Cryosis
    6.   Millenium
    7.   Broken World
    8.   The Survivor
    9.   New Day
    10. Fresq





Yleah White - lead vocals, keyboards, whistles
Alec Hudson - all guitars, bass, backing vocals
Xavier Richard - drums and percussion











Sampler 5









Another great signing by CYCLOPS

This concept album about the end of the world is brimming with musical ides and great songwriting.

Fronted by an excellent female singer, Yleah White, who is also a virtuoso keyboard player and also adds a little Irish whistle work. Guitarist Alex Hudson, who also plays bass, is in the Steve Howe style of fluid runs under the lead vocals, as well as some knock you dead solos. Drummer Xavier Richard knows how to rock along but also has a quieter touch when needed.

An album full of invention with great songs plus some wonderful instrumental sections that shine with great guitar and keyboard work.