1. Day of Wrath
  2. Imperatrix
  3. Silver Snakes
  4. Tracks
  5. Rainscape
  6. Chasing Time
  7. Far Cry
  8. Distant Wings
  9. The Last Battle















Sampler 3











At last CYCLOPS have managed to license the rights to seminal heavy progressive band Mentaur's back catalogue. We have remastered and digitally transferred each track to give pristine sound quality.

The two twenty minute pieces, The Last Battle and Days of Wrath, encapture all that made this band great in the 80's. Heavy riffs, energetic, melodic and with virtuoso instrumental breaks with superb guitar and keyboard work.

We are expecting great things of this release which should appeal to the same market as Shadow Gallery, Magellan, Enchant and World Trade.