1. Breydon Sunrise
2. Child Of Our Time
3. Home
4. In Vino Veritas
5. Don’t Change Me
6. Flying Kites
7. The English Way






Martin Nico - Guitars
Bob Connell - Keyboards
David Newson - Bass
John Hughes - Drums
Iain Jackson - Vocals
















Once again CYCLOPS have discovered a fantastic new progressive group. Mother Black Cap are a British five piece band playing a brand of progressive rock music with its roots firmly in the Genesis, Pendragon, Grey Lady Down and The Gift territory.

The album comprises seven tracks ranging from a minute to 17 minutes, the longer tracks giving the band time and scope for thematic developments from beautiful piano to pulsing synthesizer work and great melodic guitar solos.

The stunning epic opus The English Way has thoughtful lyrics about how England and its culture has changed (for the better or worse?) over the last few decades. As well as the philosophical lyrics there are instrumental passages giving dramatic and dynamic changes with power and grace.

An album that will appeal to those who like both vintage and modern progressive music. Look out for them live.