1. The Last Psalm
        a) The Preacher
        b) Windows
        c) A Beacon
        d) Last Psalm
    2. The Voyager
    3. White Waters
    4. The Candyman
    5. The Fall and Rise of Abel Mann ?
        a) Grand Fanfare
        b) Waiting on a ledge
        c) Grand Fanfare – revisited
        d) Post Mortem
             i) 3 Score Years and 10
             ii) In My Life
    6. Castaways
    7. Holy Ireland
        a) The Land
        b) A Soldier’s Story
        c) The Widow’s Tale
        d) Priest’s Song
        e) The Land – reprise




Guy Manning - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Mandolin
Andy Tillison - Some Keyboards and Drum Programming
Jonathan Barrett - Bass
Simon Baskind - Percussion
Pav Chana - Tablas
Jon Burr - Harmonica






Tall Stories For Small Children
The Cure
The Ragged Curtain
The View From My Window

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Part time member/collaborator of Parallel or 90 Degrees, Guy Manning here produces a worthy companion to that groups work.

Three epic suites comprise the main length of the album giving Guy time to weave his great vocals around beautifully constructed lyrics dealing with Religion / War / Mankind – sorry no Dragons, Princesses in Castles or Gnomes in Magicland here. There is, however, plenty of fine instrumental work especially on the longer pieces with beautiful guitar playing by Guy and driving Hammond by PO90 man Andy Tillison. Guy also incorporates into his musical creations great sound effects that bring the lyrics to life, in much the same way as Roger Waters does.

A great work for those that like PO90, Roger Waters/Pink Floyd, Anthony Phillips – Geese and the Ghost, Roy Harper.