1. Walking In Cascade
  2. By The Book (A Pop Song)
  3. Tears In The Rain
  4. Catholic Education
  5. Hushabye Mountain
  6. Lead Me Where You Will
  7. Flight 19
  8. The Night And The Devil
  9. Owning Up
  10. The Time Of Our Lives
  11. Winter













Tall Stories For Small Children
The Cure
The Ragged Curtain
The View From My Window

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After the great success of his last two albums, Tall Stories for Small Children (CYCL 078) and The Cure (CYCL 088), Guy Manning’s new band have produced another stunning set of songs.

His band this time includes ex-Parallel or 90 Degrees guitarist Gareth Harwood who produces some fine licks. Angela Goldthorpe of Mostly Autumn here shows her multiple talents on flute and pipes. Guy Manning’s songs and arrangements have never been better with his strong vocals amongst the best in the progressive genre. His swirling Hammond organ playing is a delight to hear.

The title track Walking In Cascade is a contender for best prog song this year with a mesmerising repeated keyboard coda pushing the song along until a brilliant saxophone solo closes the track. The final track draws on both light and shade with its triumphant keyboards and guitar work and Hammond organ that compliments the sax and flute solos.