1. 12th Warrior 06:10
  2. Bridge To The Universe, part 1 04:37
  3. Himalayan Summit (Hightop) 07:04
  4. Empty Spaces 02:57
  5. Moongazer 06:58
  6. Space Deliria 2000 07:46
  7. Niagara 05:09
  8. Empty Spaces 2 02:42
  9. Cosmos 11:01
  10. Session 06:23
  11. Bridge To The Universe, part 2 06:42

    Bonus Track:
    Union City Conspiracy 04:35










The Void
The Wizard of the Winds/When The Gods Slept
Wolves of the Gods
Sampler 4






Bjorn's new album harks back to his more teutonic sequencedwork. Much more upbeat than his last album with soaring lead guitar breaks weaving in and out of the themes and rhythms. Guest guitarist Roy McLeish supplies more lead guitar breaks which compliments and counteracts Bjorn's work.

Fans of Tangerine Dream, Mark Shreeve and Andy Pickford will love this work and join the legion of fans now devoted to Bjorn's work.