1. Stranger on a Hill, Part 1 2:04
  2. Valley of the Clouds 7:15
  3. The Forbidden Desert 7:01
  4. Alisarrians Cave 5:36
  5. Sarn & Giff 2:42
  6. The Heroes Return 5:36
  7. The Thief of Walaria 6:10
  8. Gundara & Gundaree 7:01
  9. Methydias Cloudship 6:02
  10. The Battle of "Two Stones" 6:45
  11. Betrayal in Zanzair 8:02
  12. Stranger on a Hill, Part 2 6:48










The Void
The Wizard of the Winds/When The Gods Slept
Wolves of the Gods
Sampler 4






Bjorn Lynne’s sixth CD, his second release on the Cyclops label, is a sparkling concept work based on the international best-selling fantasy book “When The Gods Slept” by Allan Cole.

Already acknowledge as one of the leading exponents of synth/rock music, this album not only enhances that reputation but adds to it by having incorporated a greater variety and subtlety of influences from progressive music.

The CD features more than 70 minutes of adventurous music and a beautiful booklet containing a short story for each of the songs, written by the famous best selling author Allan Cole, especially and exclusively for this CD. These stories are mixed into the music with the voice of Cris Blyth, an esteemed voice artist with a real adventure flare to his vocal style. All in all, pure magic, pure adventure and a guaranteed unique musical experience. This is pure adventure music - a unique cooperation between a world renowned fantasy writer and a fantasy musician. Even the cover art is special. The illustrations gracing both sides of the album are from paintings by award-winning fantasy artists, Steve Hickman and Peter Elson.

This album is being released with two different titles; "Wizard of the Winds" in USA/world and "When the Gods Slept" in UK. That's simply because the book was also released with those two different titles for USA and UK. The CD comes with a "flip-able" CD booklet; you can take the booklet out of the CD cover and insert it the way you want it - giving you the cover/title you want.