1. Pinewood Avenue
    2. Solitary Witness
    3. Science Of Coincidence
    4. Tailspin
    5. The Overlook
    6. Between Sleeping And Dreaming
    7. Borders
    8. Summer Madness





Tracy Hitchings - Vocals
Uwe D'Rose - Guitars
Steve Gee - Bass
Steve Leigh - Keyboards
Dave Wagstaffe - Drums








Solitary Witness
Infinity Parade
The Vision Pit
Science of Coincidence
Thunderstruck - Live
Aftershock - Live









Thunderstruck Live (CYCL 120) is a live album which drew on the bands full repertoire from each of the first four studio albums. It is interesting to hear how Tracy Hitchings vocals change tone of the early works which Damien Wilson sang on the early albums. The second half of this live concert will be released soon by CYCLOPS records.

Recorded live in Europe during 1998/99