1. Science of Coincidence
    2. The Vision Pit
    3. Heritage
    4. Summer Madness
    5. Lighthouse
    6. Between Sleeping And Dreaming
    7. More Flames For The Dancer
    8. The Overlook





Tracy Hitchings - lead and backing vocals
Uwe D'Rose - electric and acoustic guitars
Steve Gee - fretless bass,4 & 6 string bass and backing vocals
Steve Leigh - piano, synthesisers and backing vocals
Dave Wagstaffe - drums and backing vocals








Solitary Witness
Infinity Parade
The Vision Pit
Science of Coincidence
Thunderstruck - Live
Aftershock - Live









Science of Coincidence (CYCL 119) is the bands fourth album and brought noted female vocalist Tracy Hitchings excellent vocals and lyric writing into the band. This gave the band a different slant of ideas which produced an album full of fine songs and lead guitar and keyboard breaks.