1.   Killing Fields
    2.   Forever Young
    3.   April First
    4.   Foxing The Fox
    5.   Terracotta Army
    6.   Freefall
    7.   Tippi Hedren
    8.   After I Died Somewhere
    9.   Suite: St.Helens
    10. Borders

    Bonus track
    Suite: St.Helens (alternate version)





Damian Wilson - Vocals
Uwe D’Rose - Guitar
Steve Leigh - Keyboards
Steve Gee - Bass
Dave Wagstaffe - Drums








Solitary Witness
Infinity Parade
The Vision Pit
Science of Coincidence
Thunderstruck - Live
Aftershock - Live









This classic progressive album continues the CYCLOPS reissue programme of Landmarq titles.

Solitary Witness has long been deleted and was originally only available as an expensive Dutch import. This was the bands debut album and was a breath of fresh air to the progressive rock scene at the time. Introducing Damien Wilson's great vocals with his contemporary lyrics and story telling entrancing you in every song. The centre piece of the album is still the St Helens Suite with great song sections interspersed with instrumental passages built on an inventive rhythms section on top of which the guitar and keyboards lay down some sparkling themes.

This reissue includes a previously unavailable and different version of St Helens Suite as well as completely new artwork with photos from the "Callan" collection.