1. Why Do I Watch?
  2. Trust Me I'm Your Doctor
  3. Darker
  4. Ten Boats On The River
  5. Show Me An Answer
  6. Lizard Baby
  7. Long Gone
  8. This Years Drift





Richard Wileman - Classical and electric guitars, keyboards and percussion
Laura Cumberland - vocals
Andy Skittrall - bass






Lives And Times - There And Back Again Lane

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There and Back Again Lane is the sixth album from English band Lives and Times. It combines the soaring vocals of Lorna Cumberland with the dark soundscapes of musician Richard Wileman. Joining for his first outing with the band is bassist Andy Skittrall, who gives the album a fuller feel. Melody Maker described their last album as "the Cocteau Twins meets Kate Bush, but really they steal nothing from either, those are just reference points." The dark, suspenseful mood of their songs give them a unique character benefiting from the fine vocals and thoughtful lyrics.