1. Magic Room
  2. Smoke of Her Burning
  3. I Was Home and I Wept
  4. Scorpion
  5. These White Walls
  6. Bartholomew’s Kite
  7. Lugosi: 1931
  8. Wings of Asphyxia
  9. Heaven’s Black Amnesia





Joe Kopecky - Guitar and Vocals
William Kopecky - Bass and Keyboards
Paul Kopecky - Drums and Percussion











Sampler 4









CYCLOPS go heavy. At last we have found a band who really go for it. Kopecky are a Progressive band who just happen to be heavy. Crunching guitar riffs over beautiful layered keyboards with superbly inventive bass and drum work. Songs with long instrumental sections bursting with instrumental ability, invention and originality. One minute subtle keyboard textures which evolve into sublime heavy progressive with monstrous guitar work and riffs. Sinuous guitar, bass and drums introduce the 15 minute instrumental wonder Bartholemew’s Kite/Lugosi 1931 until keyboards weave their way under the music and the guitar work suddenly quickens the pace.

The Kopecky brothers Joe and William, have been signed up to play guitar and bass in Par Lindh’s band on his upcoming USA tour.

I recommend this to any of you who like inventive Progressive, heavy progressive and those who like Bozzio, Levin and Stevens, Par Lindh and Dream Theatre.