1. A Nation of Friends
  2. The Lightbox
  3. Poison in the Sea
  4. Personal Revolution
  5. Alone Ahead
  6. The Pressed Man
  7. Shed No Tears
  8. On My Side
  9. The Freedom Train
  10. Highwayman
  11. Valediction
  12. Used to the Taste
  13. Judgement Day
  14. Keep the Blues





Andy Baker Drums
Hugh Gascoyne Bass
Pete Davies Guitars
John Dexter Jones Voice
Steve Hayes Guitars
Mo Keyboards







The Myth Of Independence
Living In A Promised Land
The Freedom Train
And All The Kings Men
On Impulse
Home Songs







Those that have seen Jump live know that they add an extra dimension to their work in this environment. So following the great demand for a live album we recorded the final concert of bassist Hugh Gascoyne. Over three hours were recorded and it was a hard task to whittle this down to 74 minutes. The end result comprises of 14 tracks taken from all five albums with four never before available on CD. The album has the twin guitar attack of Peter Davies and Steve Hayes cutting in and around the songs, while front man and singer John Dexter Jones is in great form. A chance to hear Jump how they should be – LIVE