1. Tower of Babel
  2. Princess of the People
  3. On the Wheel
  4. Heaven and Earth
  5. Runaway
  6. Keep the Blues
  7. Blind Birds
  8. Drivetime
  9. Valediction
  10. On My Side
  11. The Shallow Man





Andy Baker Drums
Hugh Gascoyne Bass
Pete Davies Guitars
John Dexter Jones Voice
Steve Hayes Guitars
Mo Keyboards







Living In A Promised Land
The Freedom Train
And All The Kings Men
On Impulse
Home Songs







Jump's fourth CD, their first on the CYCLOPS label, continues to demonstrate the rich diversity of mood, texture and musical style for which they persistently receive wide acclaim througout the UK and Europe.

Mark Kelly of Marillion has seen the great potential of this band and offered to produce and play on the album. He will also be helping to promote the band through all the Marillion connections (i.e. fan clubs, conventions, support gigs to Marillion) that he can.

Jump's original combinations of strong lyrics and melody, combined with attacking guitar and keyboards have had them compared to Led Zeppelin, Marillion and Talking Heads.

Melodic hard rock with colour and imagination, always imaginative, slightly theatrical.