1. Millionaire
  2. Brave New World
  3. Love Song Number 5
  4. Bethesda
  5. Rise
  6. Right Winger
  7. Thom's New Clothes
  8. Like A Drum
  9. Wages Of Sin
  10. Doctor Spin
  11. Cruel To Be Kind





Andy Baker Drums
Hugh Gascoyne Bass
Pete Davies Guitars
John Dexter Jones Voice
Steve Hayes Guitars
Mo Keyboards







The Myth Of Independence
Living In A Promised Land
The Freedom Train
And All The Kings Men
On Impulse
Home Songs







Jump's seventh studio album should see them pulling in more converts with this great new material and their excellent stage shows. It continues to demonstrate the rich diversity of mood, texture and musical style for which they consistently receive wide acclaim throughout the UK and Europe.

After heavy touring since the last release, Matthew (CYCL 089), the groups has worked these new songs in live settings and have molded them into their finest collection to date.

Jump's combination of strong lyrics and melody, combined with attacking dual guitars and keyboards have already attracted a healthy, and growing, fan club support. When emotive singer John Dexter Jones (who won the best male vocalist award in the last Classic Rock Society poll) weaves his imaginative stories within songs, then the effect is also theatrical. Note the lyrics of Bethesda about the quarrymen of the late 30's working on the rockface interspersed with crunching lead guitar work and hypnotic background keyboards.

Melodic rock with progressive textures, colour and imagination always inventive.