1. Wheels Within Wheels (part 1)
  2. Against All Odds
  3. A Time That Was
  4. Against All Odds (reprise)
  5. Moongate
  6. Flying High
  7. The Earth Sleeps Below
  8. Down To Earth
  9. New Horizons
  10. Pulsator
  11. Obelisk
  12. Upon The Hill
  13. Convergence
  14. A Time That Was
  15. Wheels Within Wheels (part 2)
  16. Twist of Fate
  17. Upon Reflection
  18. Wheels of Change
  19. Finale
  20. For What Is To Come ...










Riding The Storm
Opener of the Ways
Sampler 1






Steve's new album is a bit of a change in that he has produced a much more Progressive Rock album than his other more synth based earlier CDs. It moves away from the Tangerine Dream style with less sequencers and electronics. It has more structured pieces with elements of classical music, rock, ethnic and folk all mixed together. Still all instrumental with his usual biting electric guitar work supplemented by his wife Linda's subtle flute playing, this album is much more upbeat. It is his most ambitious and musically complex project to date integrating orchestral sections onto a rock based line up of drums, guitars and keyboards but also using traditional instrumental sounds such as flute, piano, hammond organ and saxophone.
Well worth checking out.