1.         Continuum
    2.-4.     Transitions
    5.         Nebula
    6.-7.    Opener of the Ways
    8.         Trancer
    9.         Golden Flame
    10.       Centre of Forces
    11.-12. Night Tides
    13.       Sea Child
    14.-15. Island
    16.-17. Last Light





Linda Hillman improvised flute solos (tracks 9 and 13), artwork
Steve Hillman keyboards, synthesisers, electric guitar, glissando guitar, drums, artwork






Riding The Storm
Opener of the Ways
Sampler 1






After the success of Steve Hillman's first three CDs we have bowed to great demand to reissue some more of his earlier works onto CD.

Due to these constant requests for more of Steve's recognizable mixture of Tangerine Dream like Teutonic synth rhythms with cutting lead guitar work and keyboard breaks mixed with atmospheric passages we have had Steve completely rerecord new versions of some classic earlier works even to the extent of using drum kit rather than drum machine.

With over a dozen albums to his name Steve has been a leader in the electronic music genre since the early eighties.

This will please all those who love both Progressive Rock and Synth Music and, of course, the long standing fans of Steve Hillman.