1. Overdrive
  2. Marix Part I
  3. Interchange
  4. Ascendant
  5. Sphinx Dancer
  6. Into Space
  7. Now Or Never
  8. Sequent Seven
  9. Matrix Part II
  10. Dawning Light
  11. Into The Blue
  12. Tritone










Riding The Storm
Opener of the Ways
Sampler 1






This long-awaited release is Steve Hillman in top form. Those who have any of his ten cassette-only releases will recongnize his Tangerine Dream-like Teutonic synth-based backdrop. His music now has more of a rock oriented approach with lead guitar to the fore, though his Wakeman-esque keyboard work and atmospheric sections still shine through.

This will please any fan of Tangerine Dream and Hawkwind.