1. Friday Brown
  2. Bass pig
  3. Poppy Q


  4. a) Midnight days
  5. b) Blindman one
  6. c) Poppy Z
  7. d) Blindman two
  8. e) Grounded

  9. The laughter that turned to ice
  10. Jazz monkey
  11. Judy on the brink
  12. The David Warner wish list
  13. Heartattack
  14. The mellow moods of Malcolm McDowell
  15. Dreamer’s song
  16. Tuesday Weld
















Sampler 5









Henry Fool is an eclectic new band comprising the unlikely pairing of neo-Progmeister Fudge Smith (Pendragon/Steve Hackett Band) on drums and avant-crooner Tim Bowness (No-Man/David Torn) on guitar and vocals along with Steve Bennet (LaHost) on keyboards, Peter Chilvers (bass), Michael Bearpark (additional guitar) and Jazz session ace Myke Clifford on woodwind.

Creating a distinctive combination of 60’s/70’s Progressive influences (Gabriel era Genesis/Pink Floyd/Soft Machine) contemporary textural experiments (Rain Tree Crow/Labradford) and hard-hitting group improvisations (King Crimson/Faust), Henry Fool have created one of the most original and emotive Progressive sounds of the last few years.

Long instrumental passages melt into beautiful songs and emerge to find that things have moved into different territories, but with the same emotions. Tim Bowness’ vocals are superbly effective while Fudge Smith is allowed free range and cuts his finest drumming in a long while.

Also including mixes by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree/No-Man), Henry Fool’s eponymous debut album will be for those into No-Man/Porcupine Tree/Pendragon/King Crimson.

For further information check out www.collective.co.uk/henryfool