1. Lunar
  2. The Driver
  3. Buccaneer
  4. Mullions
  5. The Square
  6. The Piper
  7. Architects Of War
  8. The Poet
  9. The Fool
  10. Anorak Of Fire
  11. Hanging Rock
  1. Burglars
  2. Sing Something Simple
  3. Oklahoma
  4. The Wolf
  5. Earth Bites Back
  6. Court Of Despair
  7. Holyman
  8. Rain Dance
  9. Molly Leigh





Mac Austin - vocals
Dave Edge - guitars and backing vocals
Harry Davies - sax, flute, whistle
Tony Hall - drums and backing vocals
Mark Price - Keyboards
Adam Rushton - guitar
Dave Rushton - bass and backing vocals







Pulling Strings and Shiny Things
Gathering The Wheat

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Grace were and are first and foremost a live band who have never managed to capture the energy and intensity of their concerts on their studio albums.

This double CD, recorded just before Christmas ’97, is the complete concert delivered by the “classic” line up before the recent personnel changes.

Included in the repertoire on this night were rarely played early classics, tracks from the long deleted Poet, Piper and the Fool and rousing versions of tunes from the last two studio albums, Pulling Strings & Shiny Things and Poppy.

You cannot see Harry with his rubber chicken, the burglars hopping around the stage, the dustbins being banged or everyone doing the “Rain Dance” but you can sure hear and feel it.

This album is a must for all those who have not had the opportunity to see the band live. For those fortunate enough to have seen Grace in concert there is no need to recommend this album.