1. Burglars
  2. Sing Something Simple
  3. Anorak Of Fire
  4. Resurrection
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Heart & Soul
  7. a) Passageway
    b) Secret Garden
  8. Touch
  9. The Wolf
  10. Emily
  11. Rich Men Singing
  12. Court Of Despair










Pulling Strings and Shiny Things
Gathering The Wheat

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At long last the new album from one of our best groups. 60+ minutes of genius with twelve tracks packed full of ideas and invention.

The success of their two previous CDs was always going to be difficult to follow, but having expanded the boundaries of their music with Poppy. they have succeeded with honours. Over an hour of superb music that fuses progressive, melodic and folk rock together with the groups usual strong songwriting and clever lyrics.

All in all a more powerful melodic album which is their piece de resistance so far.

One of the best of 1996.