1. Hit The Ground
    2. Dark Girl
    3. Play of Your Life
    4. The Room Below
    5. Office of Hard Cash
    6. Loser in the Sunset
    7. Heat of That Sound
    8. The Guardian





Tony Johannessen: Vocals, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Morten Eriksen: Guitars, Bass
Froydis Maurtvedt : Bass, Bass Pedals
Päl Søvik: Drums, Backing Vocals






The Guardians Office
Sampler 5

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The Guardians Office is Fruitcake’s drummer/composer Päl Søvik’s new project. Very much moulded along the lines of the 70’s progressive music, especially mid period Genesis, with the typical modern Fruitcake sound. However this time he leaves the lead vocals to the great voice of Tony Johannessen.

Guitaist Morten Eriksen’s subtle underpinning sometimes explodes into strident soloing to compliment the legant textures of the keyboards and synths.

Päl Søvik’s production is as top notch as ever and those liking his deep bass pedal sound will not be disappointed.

Lovely tunes and songs alongside the instrumental interplay of guitar and keyboards make this a must to the many fans of Fruitcake and also to all those who appreciate melodic progressive rock.