1. open up the fog lines (5:50)
  2. in a different hour (6:21)
  3. one inch of the fall (7:45)
  4. blogee's lament (6:36)
  5. unsinkable you (5:25)
  6. state of the art (7:27)
  7. early sun (5:25)
  8. golden pretzel (6:25)

    Plus extra live tracks:
  9. more wants more (7:15)
  10. a mess of finesse (5:44)
  11. press the flesh (7:14)





Christopher Busby - keyboards and backing vocals
John Busby - drums and backing vocals
Chris Eike - bass guitar
Laura Martin - lead and backing vocals
Scott McGill - electric and acoustic guitars






Finneus Gauge - More Once More
Finneus Gauge - One Inch Of The Fall

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Echolyn - As The World
Echolyn - When The Sweet Turns Sour
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Finneus Gauge are the brainchild of ex Echolyn man Chris Busby and this, their second release, is a more mature work and a great step forward. One Inch Of The Fall is a little heavier, darker and a tad more Echolyn like than their previous release without losing the Bruford feel and the Holdsworth like guitar of Scott McGill. Laura Martin's vocals and thoughtful lyrics compliment the Echolyn like harmonies, while the instrumental work encompasses musical invention and creativity - but does not forget the goal of good honest songs.

Music that challenges the mind and pushes the envelope.