1. more wants more (7:34)
  2. king of the chord change (5:40)
  3. press the flesh (7:43)
  4. desire (4:46)
  5. doogins (the evil spawn) (5:16)
  6. customer service (5:33)
  7. a mess of finesse (5:59)
  8. sidewalk sale (3:52)
  9. calling card (8:35)
  10. salvation (6:21)
  11. abandon (3:46)
  12. finding the strength (6:58)










Finneus Gauge - More Once More
Finneus Gauge - One Inch Of The Fall

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Finneus gauge was formed by ex-Echolyn keyboard man, and also leading songwriter, Chris Busby as an opportunity to continue growing and heading in the musical direction he always imagined, all the while getting to work with the best group of people and the finest musicians.

As with Echolyn, Finneus gauge takes high calibre musicianship, thoughtful lyrics, a blend of instrumental and vocal passages, musical invention and creativity and wraps it all around the goal of writing good, honest songs. Songs that challenge the mind and push the musical envelope.

The main vocals are handled by Laura Martin which counterpoints the harmonies. Lead guitar is by Scott McGill and is more into the Allan Holdsworth range which gives an overall feel of classic Echolyn mixed with Bruford's "Feels Good To Me" album.

"More Once More" is an excellent debut with 12 tracks of music clocking in at 72:09. The package is complemented by an 8 page colour-b/w booklet - including all of the lyrics.