1. Hold Your Ground 7.09
  2. The River of the Dog 4.05
  3. Just a little bit more time 6.17
  4. The Bogeyman (part 2) 7.13
  5. Velvet Night 5.30
  6. Touched by the fire 7.46
  7. There's an Angel 4.26
  8. This one will make us rich 6.30
  9. Silence reigns 7.48





Pål Søvik - drums, vocals
Helge Skaarseth - keyboards, mandolin
Robert Hauge - guitars, backing vocals
Olav Nygard - bass, bass pedals






How To Make It
Room For Surprise
One More Slice
Power Structure
A Battle A Day
Man Overboard

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After the success of their last CD, One More Slice, Fruitcake return with their strongest material to date. As usual, along with the superb production, is the great guitar work of Robert Hauge, which is a little heavier than in the past.

Listen to the wonderful “Just A Little Bit More Time” with the superb melody counterpointed by the keyboard and guitar work. New member Nina C. Dahl contributes some beautiful flute passages which adds extra depth to the group sound.

The instrumental “This One Will Make Us Rich” contains a fiery solo which is worth the price of admission alone.

A specially commissioned cover painting by well known fantasy artist Stephen Todd compliments the package.