1. The Joke 8.05
  2. Spirit of this day 5.13
  3. Hell's Kitchen 7.50
  4. Between reality and dream 6.49
  5. Have a slice 6.25
  6. Somewhat late for supper 7.59
  7. Final signals 7.57
  8. Just another weird vector 7.11





Pål Søvik - drums, vocals
Helge Skaarseth - keyboards, mandolin
Robert Hauge - guitars, backing vocals
Olav Nygard - bass, bass pedals






How To Make It
Room For Surprise
One More Slice
Power Structure
A Battle A Day
Man Overboard

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The Guardians Office
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This, Fruitcake's fourth album, continues their musical evolution and progressive development.

Longer tracks give the band more opportunity to stretch themselves instrumentally while layering their unique sound with a darker atmosphere and more complex arrangements. The new guitarist, Robert Hauge, gives the album a harder edge with his fine riffing and solos. Pål Søvik's drumming and singing is as good as ever with his overall production up to the usual superb standards.

One of the finest Symphonic rock bands from Norway has produced yet another cracking album.