1. Intelligence
  2. Backwards Sounds
  3. Lazy Timing
  4. My Nights
  5. Passion Impossible
  6. The Smoking Gun
  7. Once Upon A Naked Floor
  8. Goblin Dinner
  9. I've Taken Nothing
Bonus Disc: DESSERT
  1. PAL SOVIK - Power In You (1988)
  2. PAL SOVIK - Big Wave (1989)
  3. PAL SOVIK - Can You Recall (1989)
  4. FRUITCAKE - Where I've Been (1995)
  5. FRUITCAKE - Lost My Way (1996)
  6. FRUITCAKE - At Midnight (1997)
  7. NORWAY - Winds Of Space (1997)
  8. FLAGRANTE DELICTO - Wait For Me (1998)
  9. FRUITCAKE - On The Edge (1999)
  10. GIRL GREY - Marcabian Nights (2001)
  11. GUARDIANS OFFICE - The Guardian (2002)





Steffen Holthe - guitars
Jarle Glesåen Storløkken - guitars
Morten Eriksen - guitars
Ketil Vestrum Einarsen - flutes
Pål Søvik - drums, vocals
Helge Skaarseth - keyboards
Olav Nygard - bass, bass pedals






How To Make It
Room For Surprise
One More Slice
Power Structure
A Battle A Day
Man Overboard

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The Guardians Office
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Fruitcake return with their 7th studio album and without doubt their best to date. More instrumental than the previous albums, these well thought out songs have weaving keyboards, superb guitar solos, great bass lines and drumming, with some lovely flute work from new band member Ketil Einarsen.

A limited 2 CD is available on the first pressing, with a stunning collection of rare and unreleased tracks, which is worth the price alone. Chosen by the bands drummer Pål Søvik and Cyclops boss Malcolm Parker, each of the extra tracks have wonderful guitar solos.

Fans of Fruitcake will want this best album in ages, which fans of IQ, Jadis and those into intelligent progressive music will want.

"Here Comes The Big Wave"