1. Under The Bed
  2. Nobody Loves Us
  3. Big Smiley Sun
  4. Waiting For The Day
  5. Blinding Lime
  6. Six Degrees of Seperation
  7. Alone
  8. Seventh Conjecture
  9. Ming Thing





Andy Edwards - guitars, vocals
Gareth Jones - bass
Daz Josephs - drums

With Guest Musicians
Robert Reed - keyboards
Danny Chang - guitars












Big Smiley Sun
Sampler 2









At long last the new album is finished and what a cracker. Again sporting a perfect collection of songs, Big Smiley Sun has a bit more of a Floydian influence the Shapes. Andy Edwards’ vocals shine through but it is his extended guitar soloing that wins you time after time. On the epic “Ming Thing” he produces a fine solo that you wish would go on and on.

Complementing Andy’s guitar work Gareth Jones plays a fine bass and Daz Joseph shows fine form on drums. Rob Reed (of Cyan, The Fyreworks) helps out with keyboards and Danny Chung (The Fyreworks) also sits in.

A smashing album which all who have Shapes will have no hesitation in buying.