1. 100 Diversions
  2. Another Day
  3. When The Sour Turns To Sweet
  4. Meaning And Moment
  5. The Currents Of Me
  6. Patchwork
  7. This Time Alone
  8. A Little Nonsense
  9. As the World










As The World
When The Sweat Turns Sour

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Echolyn's previous albums have made them the biggest selling non-mainstream progressive act in the USA. Their last CD As The World was a massive seller making the breakthrough from progressive to mainstream audiences. When The Sweet Turns Sour continues the great music that could only come from Echolyn. The new album is complemented with a cover of the Genesis track When the Sour Turns to Sweet plus two superb live tacks from previous albums which shows why they have achieved such acclaim.

Echolyn's music contains elements of Gentle Giant, Yes and Kansas, among others, which combine to produce a complex layered sound with tight arrangements that still retain the raw emotional content of the songs. Although their music is more experimental than most US progressive acts it is always accessible and continually rewards the listener with new revelations on each playing.