1. All Ways the Same
  2. As the World
  3. Uncle
  4. How Long I Have Waited
  5. Best Regards
  6. The Cheese Stands Alone
  7. Prose
  8. A Short Essay
  9. My Dear Wormwood
  10. Entry 11/19/93
  11. One for the Show
  12. The Wiblet
  13. Audio Verite
  14. Settled Land
  15. A Habit Worth Forming
  16. Never the Same










As The World
When The Sweet Turns Sour

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Remember when you first heard Yes' Close to the Edge, Genesis' Selling England by the Pound and Gentle Giant's In a Glass House. This mature inventive third album from Americas top progressive group certainly brings back those feelings. Echolyn's first two albums "Echolyn" and "Suffocating the Bloom" along with the EP "...And Every Blossom" were released on their own label. On the strength of these, Sony (USA) signed the band and put them in the studio with no expense spared on the production.

Now Cyclops has made the album available for European release.