Disk 1
    1. Mickey Mouse Man 6:17
    2. Before The Storm/Blueprint 18:18
    3. Circuitry 6:22
    4. Canto IV (Limbo) 15:15
    5. Homegrown 11:05
    6. Systems 7:47
    7. When The Walls Are Down 6:47
    8. Safe In Your Vision 4:37

    Disk 2
    1. Crutches 14:04
    2. Wrists 9:21
    3. Carmilla 10:06
    4. Into The Dream 22:08
    5. The Nursery Year 5:27
    6. Diminished 8:29
    7. Between Me And The End 5:38







Matthew Parmenter - vocals, keyboards
Jon Preston Bouda - guitar
Matthew Kennedy - bass
Paul Dzendzel - drums



















At last we are privileged to bring you this superb double live set from one of our favourite groups. By going through their collection of live concerts we have been able to chose the best performances which include all their classics together with unreleased rare versions and unrecorded tracks exclusive to this release. All are taken from top quality recordings and then mastered for brilliant sound quality. Close your eyes and the band are there in the room with you.

Opening with the previously unreleased Mickey Mouse Man which was regularly played live but for some reason never recorded in the studio. Then a stunning near 20 minute Before The Storm concluding with the great lead guitar ending of Blueprint. Circuitry, another lost track, is then followed by the epic classic Canto IV from Progday 95 - a brilliant version with sublime guitar work and great vocal performance. Next the unreleased Homegrown, with its long storming guitar solo finish. When The Walls Are Down and Safe In Your Vision are accompanied by a rarely played live version of Systems.

Disc 2 has a great live version of Crutches followed by the rarely heard unreleased Wrists showing the group did listen to early Genesis. Into The Dream is the epic 20 minute tour de force with the group on top form in this rarely heard performance from 1998's Progday festival. Diminished, another unreleased track, completes the CD along with Carmilla, The Nursery Year and Between Me And The End.

Over 150 minutes of the best in progressive rock with wonderful songs, exciting instrumental sections, outstanding guitar work, sublime vocals, great keyboards and a rhythm section that is one of the best.

With a very detailed booklet containing lots of unreleased photos this package is a must for all Discipline. fans. For those not familiar with this great band here is an opportunity to catch up on one of the very finest at their best – Live.