1. Changing 1:29 (re-mastered)
  2. Fire 13:34 (re-mixed & partly re-recorded)
  3. Armoury Show 5:23 (re-mastered)
  4. Uncovered Heart 7:46 (new version)
  5. Courage 13:51 (re-mastered)
  6. Run For Rescue 5:06 (new version)
  7. The Fake 0:59 (re-mastered)
  8. Dream Reality 8:39 (re-mastered)
  9. Fanfare Song 4:30 (re-mastered)
  10. Poison Into Medicine 10:02 (new version)
  11. Yearning 3:36 (re-mixed)










Dream Reality

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Sampler 3







Following the tremendous acclaim of their last album, "Gaze" (CYCL 039), and after much demand we have bowed to public pressure and brought out a "best of" CD from this superb band. For this compilation the tracks are all taken from their first three, now deleted, albums.
The tracks are long and symphonic with great keyboard sounds and excellent guitar work.
The selection of tracks was made by both Cross and Cyclops and have mostly been completely rerecorded by the new four piece group. The few original tracks have been remastered and remixed.
Over 70 minutes of great symphonic and progressive rock.