1. Entering
  2. Take Off
  3. Heavenly
  4. Introverted Mirrors
  5. Conflagrations
  6. Pling
  7. Sense of Wonder
  8. Colours
  9. On the Other Side
  10. Plingeling
  11. Extrovert










Dream Reality

Related Titles
Sampler 3






Once in a while a demo comes along which makes listening to the hundreds of mediocre efforts worthwhile. Cross, with this their fourth CD, are one of the most exciting bands we have heard in a long while.

Symphonic, melodic and progressive, with a vast array of beautiful keyboards and textures. Added to this is a mixture of It Bites (sometimes the guitar work is reminiscent of Francis Dunnery), with IQ, Pendragon, Rush, Saga and a sprinkling of King Crimson. This remarkable piece of work consists of shorter songs and longer epics all of which are brimming with musical ideas.

Cross are another class act to sign with the CYCLOPS label and one that we are proud to be associated with.