1. Rules Of Engagement
    2. Goodboy
    3. Don't Look Back
    4. Alicia
    5. Power To The Nth Degree
    6. Phantom
    7. Sweet Scarlet Whisper
    8. Party
    9. A Kindness?
















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Credo were formed from the ashes of well-known outfits Casual Affair and Armageddon, after a chance meeting in London. This, their debut CD release, contains the fruits of many years hard work. From the stark political jaundice of Power to the Nth Degree to the rocky climax of Party via the traditional British prog of Alicia; and the pop sensibility of Just Like a New Boy through to the continued theme of Loves Young Dream that colours the album's other tracks.

This inventive rock album, much in early Twelfth Night vein, has a superb vocalist and stunning guitar solos - a future classic.