1. Stab In The Back
  2. Liquid Kings
  3. Harmless Criminal
  4. The Gathering
  5. Dance Of The Unicorn
  6. Serpents In Camouflage

    + extra tracks
  7. Nightwings
  8. Stab In The Back - Live





Stewart Bell - Keys
Nick Arkless - Drums
Andy Gilmour - Bass
Alistair MacGregor - Guitar
Cyrus - Voice










Somewhere But Yesterday
Raising The Stones
Serpents in Camouflage
Sampler 4









Citizen Cain come from the same Lothian region that gave rise to Fish and the band is heavily influenced by early Marillion and Genesis. This album has a raw power and the style that has developed to become a trademark of the band. The bands sound is based around the vocals and lyrical tales of Cyrus, whose voice is a blend of Gabriel timbre and Fish delivery, over complex arrangements based on Stuart Bell’s multi-keyboards highlighted with guitar and flute solos. A feature of the band are the contrapuntal harmonies of dual lyrical themes often delivered in canonic fashion yet with consummate ease.

The six tracks of the original album had a running time of 58 minutes and to this has been added two additional tracks, which were only ever available on a private cassette release by the band, giving a total of over 70 minutes of uncompromising progressive rock music.