1. Hell's Greedy Children

    2. Last Days Of Cain
        (a) Dead Men Rising
        (b) Tears Of Tomorrow
        (c) Ixion's Conclusion

    3. (Monsters And Men)
        Bad Karma

    4. (i) First Gate Open Yet Closed
        (Ghosts Of Jericho Part 2)
        (ii) Looking Heaven In The Face

    5. Corcyra The Supplicants

    6. (i) Dreaming Makes The World
        (ii) Variations
        (iii) The Blood Plains Of HevHem
        (iv) Forever
        (v) Aborted

    7. The Last Supper
        (Ylixiea's Dream)
        (a) In Deep Waters

    8. The Ghosts Of Jericho (Part 1)
        (a) Secrets Of Hidden Things
        (b) I Spy With My Little Life

    9. (i) Black Rain
        (ii) Webs

    10. Silently Seeking Euridice
        (a) A Lover's Tale
        (b) The Stalker's Dance
        (c) Fixing Broken Hearts
        (d) The Trickery
        (e) The Stalker's Stance Intending It
        (f) Will-o'-the-wish





Stewart Bell - Keys
Nick Arkless - Drums
Andy Gilmour - Bass
Alistair MacGregor - Guitar
Cyrus - Voice










Somewhere But Yesterday
Raising The Stones
Serpents in Camouflage
Sampler 4









After three long years Citizen Cain return with this triumph of an album. In the same early Genesis vein as their Serpents In Camouflage and Somewhere But Yesterday albums, this is all that the new Genesis album isn't. Melodic and complex, many changes in key, chord and tempo, superb instrumental sections and intelligent lyrics. This is the type of album that you would have expected from Genesis if Gabriel had never left the band.

All in all over 70 minutes of the best in modern intelligent music, with superb production to match.