1. Owl
  2. Future
  3. Medusa
  4. Workshop
  5. Drink With The Devil
  6. Arabic Sales Market
  7. Wild Ones
  8. Wishsong
  9. Wake Up
  10. Mama Don't Send Me
  11. Capture A Dream
  12. The Wizard












The Storm
Sampler 1
Sampler 3









For those who like heavier progressive, this is for you. Searing guitar work from a basic guitar/bass/drums trio with keyboards added on some tracks, Abbifinoosty will make a strong statement with this their debut CD release. They range from the heavy end of Led Zeppelin to the melodic side of early Genesis and Marillion. With an impressive gig schedule and three big-selling self-financed vinyl/cassette albums they built up a solid fan support.