1. 1. Cunning Man
    2. Abacus
    3. Aspidistra
    4. Late Night TV
    5. Human Being
    6. Fact and Fiction
    7. Art and Illusion
    8. Don't Make Me Laugh
    9. I Am
    10. South Of The Wind
    11. White Glass
    12. Piccadilly Square
    13. Turning
    14. Happening
    15. A Tiny Everything
    16. Zootime
  2. 1. Art and Illusion
    2. Aspidentropy
    3. Not on the Map
    4. Last Song
    5. Blue Powder Monkey
    6. Take A Look
    7. Phantoms on the Telephone
    8. Happening
    9. A Tiny Everything
    10. Turning
    11. Zootime
    12. Love Song





Rick Battersby - Keyboards
Brian Devoil - Drums and percussion
Clive Mitten - Bass
Martyn Watson - Bass, Voice
Andy Revell - Guitar
Electra - Voice
Ian Lloyd-Jones - Voice
Geoff Mann - Voice
Andy Sears- Voice







Twelfth Night

Live and let live
Collectors item
Fact and fiction
Art and illusion
Live at the Target
Voices in the Night
Sampler 4
Sampler 5

Geoff Mann
In One Era
Peace Offering







CYCLOPS Record’s Twelfth Night reissue series continues with this 2 CD set of unreleased recordings from all the vocalists associated with the group.

CD 1 is a collection of studio rarities including 3 tracks with Electra from the Twelfth Night Early Material album. A rare track from short time member Ian Lloyd Jones id followed by three from Geoff Mann and 4 by Andy Sears. The track with Axe is the only recording with him on vocals. The last vocalist, Maryn Watson, contibutes four tracks.

CD2 is a live disc. The first two tracks have been repeatedly requested by fans as they are the lost encores from Geoff’s final Marquee show, which was captured on Live and Let Live but space did not allow them to be included then. This is their first release on CD. Tracks from Andy Sears and Martyn Watson follow before the one off version of “Love Song” with both Geoff and Andy singing.

To round off this great package are specially written sleeve notes by group members Brian Devoil and Electra together with a collection of rare photos.

A must for all the group’s many fans.